Our name was born 3 years ago, whilst out exploring the world. As our fascination for culturally rich traditions and experiences grew, we noticed there was a common custom that ran deep; a rooted connection to the natural world. The Australian Indigenous people discovered, harnessed and have been using native flora for medicinal and healing remedies for centuries and this powerful interconnection was something we could not ignore. 

Now, The Planetarians Co. gives us the opportunity to give back to the world, inspire people and contribute to an industry that supports healthy wellbeing and highlights the beauty of Australia.

 Being inspired by these connections to the natural world is how The Planetarians Co. was born.

Founders: Brittany and Jacob



'An inhabitant of a planet, living in balance with the natural world'

Our Community

The Planetarians Co. is a diverse community of outback adventurers, Earth advocates & sustainability seekers.

Together, let's share in the natural beauty of native Australia.

Proudly supporting The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

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Climate Compatible

Australia is rich in diversity and boasts one of the harshest ecosystems on the planet. 

If you live in Australia, we encourage you to use what thrives on this land. Just like a plant, your skin is exposed to the harsh climate in Australia. So, you need to be using ingredients that flourish in these conditions!

We help regenerate healthy skin cells, by using Australian cellular extracts. They thrive in this climate, and they thrive on your skin. 

Our oil and cream FREE skin formulas, have been crafted with the Australian climate in mind. They are light-weight, non-greasy and packed with all the nutrients your skin needs to regenerate and glow. 

Australia is the place we call home and the passion behind what we do.

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Plant Healing

Australian native plants have evolved to survive the harsh environments, creating an efficient system to protect themselves from oxidative stress caused by sun-induced free radicals. These extreme conditions are responsible for plants producing extraordinarily potent levels of bio-active nutrient compounds. 

When applied to the skin, these 'supercharged' nutrients offer multifunctional skin benefits to heal, repair, hydrate and protect just as they do inside a plant.

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