About Us



 Supporting people, nurturing the planet & living with purpose. Our vision for THE PLANETARIANS CO. is too motivate, educate and inspire people about plant based living & healing.

Having travelled the world, experiencing many cultures and lifestyles, our love for plant based living and healing soared. We want to spread the love and introduce the world to the powerful health properties of Native Australian plants.

The Australian Indigenous people discovered, harnessed and have been using native plants for medicinal and healing remedies for centuries and now we have the modern science to back these profound native powerhouses. Now, THE PLANETARIANS CO. gives us the opportunity to give back to the world, inspire people and contribute to an industry that supports healthy wellbeing and highlights the cultural beauty of Australia.

Over the years, we have noticed an alarming amount of chemical saturation in the beauty and cosmetic industry and we never felt comfortable letting all these harmful ingredients seep into our delicate skin. Many individuals apply hundreds of synthetic chemicals to their skin before breakfast! If you wouldn't feed your internal organs chemicals and synthetics, why is it ok to feed it to our skin? It is time we truely begin caring for our largest organ.
THE PLANETARIANS CO. wants to make the shift towards WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED ingredients in your skin health products. The skin thrives off nutrient rich plants just as our internal organs do! All of our superfood serums are purely Native Australian, active and free from synthetic chemicals. Now that's peace of mind! 
Co-Founders: Britt and Jacob